Life Not Giving You What You Want? Do This

Life Not Giving You What You Want? Do This

Success is a state of mind
Success is a state of mind

In a profession like mine, there is a tendency after a point to think that one has seen it all. After all, what could remain, after coming across stories of wonderful, loving people and tyrannical, sadistic ones and all the variety in between? And then I sat one day, looking into the eyes of a beautiful client.
How may I help you?
Something is wrong with me, I’m too satisfied in life. Can you help?”

On inquiring further I discovered that she was a happy person. That was the problem. Everyone around her told her that she needed to be ambitious,  have desires, and refuse to be happy until those desires were fulfilled. Problem was she was already happy. How to fix that? Because of course, happiness is a waste of time, it stands in the way of you getting things.

And then there is the other extreme. A woman came the other day, upset that she had been unsuccessful in finding a life partner for 15 years and asking if I could help fix it. Fifteen years. She’s not the only one life isn’t obliging, there are so many of us like that. We’ve tried everything, but it still doesn’t happen. Our lives are perfect, save for that one missing detail. That one last thing that can make us truly happy.

What if You Were Happy?

We refuse to be happy until we get what we want. We are ‘happy’ otherwise, we argue, but we’d be happiER if this happened. But is this happiness real? This woman told me how she really did make the most of her single status, traveling the world and doing everything being married might not leave her time for. But does this qualify if one stands atop a mountain beholding a marvelous view, thinking ‘I wish I had someone to share this with’? How’s that happiness? It is really us telling the universe that we refuse to feel entirely happy until we are given exactly what we want.

Because we got more from our parents when we were upset, we’re afraid that if we’re truly happy in life, we might not get what we want. Life doesn’t functions like our parents. Tears cannot be used to blackmail life.

For anyone who has been chasing something for a long, long time, I’d suggest one exercise. Imagine you are dying. And as you lie in your death-bed at a ripe old age, you realise that you never got that one thing you sought all your life. That life partner, that baby, that grand-child, that house, that position, that car. It was never meant to happen. And you realise that you spent the last 10, 20, or 50 years pining for that one thing, refusing to be entirely happy. Would you want to change anything?

Your True Divine Purpose

Today’s pseudo-spirituality has led many to believe that they have a ‘special‘ role to play in the world, a divine purpose designed for them by God, to make the most of them. In reality, you have only one real divine purpose. You are the universe, trying to experience what it is like, to be YOU.

Instead of fulfilling your divine purpose however, you chase. You want to be someone else. A wife, a mother, a father, a boss, a teacher, or someone who owns something. Anything BUT who you are at the moment, because that is not good enough. If not good enough is how you feel, then being not good enough is your most divine purpose at the moment. When we refuse to settle into being who we are, and chase instead after something else, we realise when we are dying that we’ve failed miserably – and then we proceed to recreate the same reality, only a slightly tougher version of it so that we cannot run away this time. And this is what gives birth to multi-life patterns.

Your Life is Perfect

Nobody ever comes to me and tells me that their problem is ordinary and common-place. One woman even offered to pay me to prioritize healing for her son’s exams over everything else, not realising that I might be healing dying people and that they may be more important. Your problem is the biggest to you, always.

But life isn’t meant to be complete or perfect. There is always something missing. In your life, it is this, whatever you have been chasing. The five elements are earth, water, fire, air, and ether, the void. Without a void your life ISN’T actually complete! So the very thing that makes your life incomplete is that which balances your life and makes it whole. If you can just surrender to that and promise yourself that life is worth enjoying and experiencing fully, you will find in every moment that happiness which you have been chasing after forever.

8 thoughts on “Life Not Giving You What You Want? Do This

  1. Inspiring post .thanks.u mean to say we should not comes to us automatically whatever is meant for us.

    1. Absolutely. So does the right action, if one is really resting in the present. It is of course, not meant to say one must do nothing. But things are quite different when one is chasing.

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