I am a mind and energy healer based in Bangalore. Having grown up in a spiritual family, the esoteric, occult and abstract have always captured my imagination and it is pure joy to be able to live that passion professionally.

It is an honor to be able to lend a helping hand to those stumbling or struggling on their path and I am grateful for this opportunity. This blog is a humble offering to those who feel connected with me. I believe we all grow together, and this is my way of sharing the lessons I learn in life, just in case it makes sense to someone out there and maybe, just maybe, changes some lives.

The articles on this website are available for download as an ebook or in the print version as ‘Journeying Towards Bliss’. Click on the pictures below to buy any of the books.


Live. Love. Thrive.
Because that is what we came here to do 🙂


Here are some of the write-ups I most commonly suggest people to read:

Deep Listening is one of the first steps on a real spiritual journey. You cannot really live until you are silent enough to observe and absorb what is happening around you. I’ve broken the process down in steps so that you can apply it in life easily.

Healing space and Healing yourself are two articles that cover aspects that brought deep healing and changes to my life. I highly recommend it.

Another popular question is how to meditate. Here I’ve listed a few techniques, I hope it helps you discover your way of meditating.

Finally, Raising Children is another favorite, covering various aspects of subconscious communication that will improve not only your relationship with your children, but also anyone else around you.


16 thoughts on “Ashwita

  1. I am new to reiki. Just few months ago I learn this healing. people & articles like this teach me out side class and experience
    thank you

  2. Hello Ashiwta, hope you are doing good. I know you since long and was following you in your old website. Can you share me the blog which you written(against) on Women’s day. Thank you!

  3. Hi Ashwita ;
    i need your contact to discuss an ailment of my family member which is making our life difficult these days . i have heard alot about you and want to try your method of healing since i have no hopes left . kindly inform me how can i talk and discuss in detail .
    kind regards

  4. Hello Ashwita,

    I am a reiki channel and regularly follow your posts. Thank you for posting such insightful articles which help us understand different aspects of healing and spirituality.

  5. Hi Hello,
    Ashwitha madam,
    I am Kirthikumar from Hampinagar, Bangalore. I am interested to learn past life regression. Can you please let me know what is the total cost on an average.

      1. When will you conduct the classes, either on sat and sun or can we choose any other days in the weekdays.

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